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AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the AutoCAD Electrical user interface and follow the basic electrical project design workflow.
  • Manage projects and the multiple drawing and inter-drawing relationships contained in electrical projects.
  • Insert wires, add wire numbers, manage circuits, and create point-to-point wiring diagrams and drawings.
  • Insert and annotate schematic symbols.
  • Edit drawings projectwide with commands that are specific to the electrical design environment.
  • Extract information from drawings to create Bill of Material, Wiring, and other reports.
  • Create and annotate panel layout drawings with lists of components that are extracted from schematic drawings and with other specific panel layout tools, such as the Terminal Strip Editor.
  • Change project and drawing configurations, create drawing templates, and manage reference file and directory search paths


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows, file navigation and a fundamental understanding of drafting concepts.

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