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AutoCAD Fundamentals Training

ONLINE Training course dates

19-21 Oct | 16-18 Nov


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Course Overview

The Modena AutoCAD Fundamentals Training Course provides the skills needed to start using and working productively in AutoCAD. You can expect to learn how to navigate the AutoCAD interface and how to use AutoCAD commands. This class covers how to create drawings including how to draw and edit AutoCAD objects such as lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, etc. Students will also be introduced to the concept of layers and how to manipulate layer states as well as the concept of blocks and how to use blocks. The class will learn how to annotate drawings using tools such as text, dimensions, leaders and hatching. Finally, students will learn how to plot drawings and understand the concepts of model space and paper space.

Course Prerequisites

Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows, file navigation and a fundamental understanding of drafting concepts.

Exams and Certifications

• Autodesk Certified Professional Exams
• Autodesk Certified User Exams

Who should attend

Any user who wants to get started with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.

Any user that wishes to advanced to other AutoCAD based products such as AutoCAD MEP or AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Course Price

R 4 500 excl VAT

Course Duration

4 days

Skill Level

  • Intermediate

Industry Accreditations

  • CPD SACAP/SAIA: 6 Points

  • CPD ECSA/SAICE: 3 Points

The objective of the AutoCAD Fundamentals Course is to enable students to create a basic 2D drawing in the AutoCAD software. Even at this fundamental level, the AutoCAD software is one of the most sophisticated computer applications that you are likely to encounter. Therefore, learning to use it can be challenging. To make the process easier and provide flexibility for instructors and students, the student guide is divided into modules.Whether you are learning AutoCAD to use daily for drawing creation and editing, or simply need to under­stand how to navigate around a drawing file, this course is the perfect introduction.

Upon course completion

Students should have: A fundamental and working knowledge of how to navigate through the AutoCAD interface. An awareness of how commands work in AutoCAD products. The ability to draw and modify simple objects, and check drawings for information such as areas and distances. The knowledge to use existing drawings as well as start new drawings from scratch by using drawing templates. Knowledge of layers and AutoCAD blocks. The basics of AutoCAD annotation such as text, dimensions, leaders and hatching. The understanding of drawing units along with accurate and quick drawing skills. The fundamentals of AutoCAD plotting, model space and paper space concept.