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Autodesk Construction Specialisation awarded to Modena Design Centres

In today’s world, innovation is key. To stay ahead of the curve, implementation of new technologies is essential. Experimenting is vital. Disruptive technologies are no longer a thing of the future, they are the NOW.
Modena Design Centres, the only Autodesk Platinum Partner in Africa, is proud to announce they have been awarded the new Autodesk Construction Specialisation.

In order to achieve this, Modena needed to demonstrate expertise in the Construction industry. Autodesk requires proven ability to consistently deliver advanced customer solutions and support – essential to the heart of the Partner Specialisation Program.
The ‘Specialised’ designation indicates that Modena has expert knowledge and has demonstrated expertise in delivering advanced customer solutions, consulting, training and support for the Construction industry.

“Winning Teams have Players that make things happen!” – John Maxwell, Law of the Catalyst

Anthony Modena - Autodesk Construction Specialisation

We are proud of you all and ecstatic with your success in gaining the Construction Accreditation for Modena Design Centres. You are superb examples of Team Players of the highest order. We hope that you enjoy and revel in the abilities that these new skills have brought to you as persons but also to you as a team.
We know that you experience great satisfaction in the planning and execution of the offerings that you can now bring to your clients. We also wish you every success with what this can do for your careers. We are so proud of you and well done!
Anthony Modena, CEO, Modena Design Centres

Zanie Modena - Autodesk Construction Specialisation

I believe this once again proves that Modena is an exceptional Autodesk Partner, in everything we offer, and have already achieved.
I am very pleased with our Modena AEC champions. Well done and a big thank you for all your hard work and efforts. This is the cherry on the top for the end of a great year.
Zanie Modena, MD, Modena Design Centres

Modena can offer tailored solutions to our clients

Did you know it is possible to accelerate project delivery, at a reduced cost? Modena can show you how to leverage design work and expertise, integrate contractors into the design process and enable owners to manage their newly constructed facilities.
We provide consulting services which enable construction teams to utilise the Autodesk construction solutions anytime and anywhere with access to project data throughout the building lifecycle.

Modena Applications Engineers are professionals from a multitude of fields, covering not only the AEC spectrum but also the contractor and engineering companies. They are specialists in each of their respective departments. With this extensive industry knowledge, Modena can offer tailored solutions to each of our client’s specific needs.

Modena AEC offers a full-service solution for life-cycle management. Design, construct, execute, handover, and operate.

Autodesk Construction Specialisation will enable us to help our clients connect information and people.

‘Clients today demand more than ever before. We experience an increase in the demand related to quality and environmental challenges while at the same time experiencing pressures to reduce project timelines and cost. This has resulted in the control of information and communication flow being critical to unlock value.

Supplying the right information at the right place and time throughout the entire value chain will help reduce non-value adding activities.

Our ability to implement Autodesk Construction solutions will enable us to help our clients connect information and people. This will help them to add value to their clients while at the same time improving their own internal management.’
Jay Moolman, General Manager, Modena AEC

Reduce risk, improve productivity. Accelerate your progress. The future of building has arrived.

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