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What is Forma?

Forma is a unique digital tool offering a radically new way to start better urban and residential development projects, through outcome based design and decisions made on data.
Industry cloud for architecture, engineering, construction, and operations.
Unifies BIM workflows across the teams that plan, design, build, and operate the built environment.
Granular data that flows seamlessly throughout project phases, stakeholders, and asset types (building, water, transportation, industrial)

Next-Generation Building Design in the Cloud

Forma gives architecture professionals the agility to work iteratively rather than sequentially between planning and detailed design, supercharging what they can accomplish,” said Amy Bunszel, Executive Vice President of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Design Solutions at Autodesk. “From rapidly evaluating a large set of factors–from sun and wind to noise and operational energy–to offloading computational tasks to the cloud and connecting with Revit, Forma unlocks great value for our customers.
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