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Media & Entertainment Collection

Scale your pipeline and tackle bigger projects

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Meet content demands with a shift to virtual production that is accessible to a range of budgets. Get the creative tools used by top visual effects studios with the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection.

Everything you need to build a powerful,
scaleable 3D animation pipeline:

What's new in 2023 update?

Over the years, Maya has delivered top-quality updates to help you work faster and more efficiently. We continue to focus on creating more artist-friendly experiences across disciplines.

Image courtesy of Amaru Zeas

Who is the collection for?

Film & TV production studios

Scale your studio pipeline

The fastest, most cost-effective way to supply artists with industry-standard creative tools. At their desktops, the render farm, and throughout the entire pipeline.

Game design & development studios

Push your game design forward

Skillfully solve your game creation roadblocks with professional 3D animation and worldbuiling software.

Saying yes to bigger animation projects

Image courtesy of Sunrise Productions

Remote collaboration in Cape Town

“Now that it’s been proven that remote collaboration is possible, we need to work on a global distribution model, and develop a strategy on how to scale that” — Luke Merchant, Head of Technology at Sunrise Productions.

Image courtesy of Splash Damage

Keeping game development creative

The collection’s end-to-end toolset allows Splash Damage gaming studio in the UK to shift their focus away from software, and toward sharpening creative skills.

Build a scalable business and expand your portfolio

Reduce time to final frames

Equip your artists along the entire pipeline with powerful tools to help them deliver beautiful work faster, reduce delays, and keep big (and small) creative projects on track.

Be ready to grow

Build a scalable pipeline for 3D animation, effects, simulation, and rendering to tackle even the most demanding jobs – and expand the services you offer to take on the creative projects you’ve always wanted.

The power of connected workflows

Work faster and smarter with powerful and proven artists’ tools that work together seamlessly, integrate into your pipeline, and make it easy to scale up your rendering and visual effects output when you need to.

Get more for your money

Take advantage of significant cost savings when purchasing multiple Autodesk software solutions as part of a collection.

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