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What's new in Revit 2024
Revit BIM software helps architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams create high-quality buildings and infrastructure. Model shapes, structures, and systems in 3D with parametric accuracy, precision, and ease. Streamline documentation work, with instant revisions to plans, elevations, schedules, and sections as projects change. Empower multidisciplinary teams with specialty toolsets and a unified project environment. The Revit 2024 release offers a plethora of brand-new tools for design and collaboration. These latest enhancements will help smooth your existing workflows and are complemented by a new modern look and feel. This upgraded Revit is easier and definitely more pleasing to use.
New features and enhancements​
  • My Insights in Revit Home​
  • Dark Theme​
  • New Imperial and Metric Templates​
  • New sample model​
  • Modernized Project Browser with new Search​
  • Height parameter in scope box​
  • Color Books browser​
  • Textures visual style​
  • Revit to Twinmotion enhancements​
  • Site design – Icon reorg for Massing and Site​
  • Site design – Create Toposolid​
  • Site design – Generate Toposolid from Toposurface​
  • Site design – Linked Topography enhancements​
  • Site design – Contour Display settings per Types
  • Site design – Cut geometry enhancement & Mass Cut excavations​
  • Site design – Solid Sub-divisions
  • Site design – Cut & Split Toposolids​
  • Site design – Graded Regions​
  • Site design – Show shape-edit control points​
  • Site design – Floor-based families and Slab Edges on Toposolids​
  • Site design – Exposed Toposolid API​
  • New path alignment options for free form rebar​
  • Stirrup orientation for aligned free form rebar​
  • MEP fabrication ductwork stiffener​
  • Pipe Wall thickness as a built-in parameter​
  • Elevation parameters in visibility filters​
  • Hide insulation with hosting duct and pipe​
  • Parameters sorting in type/instance properties​
  • Export ‘Family type’ parameter


Community idea: Create topographic elements as solid geometry

Revit Dark Theme

Community idea: Revit supports the dark theme for first level user interface, including the Properties Palette, Project Browser, Option Bar, View Control Bar, and status bar. You can also set the drawing area (canvas) theme to Dark or Light both from the ribbon and the Options dialog.
Align Surface Pattern on Shape Edited Elements

Community idea: Use the Align tool to align surface patterns on shape-edited elements. Patterns can be aligned across the entire surface, or triangulated faces can be individually aligned.

Cut Geometry Enhancements

Community idea: Additional categories have been enabled to allow cutting in the project environment.

Search in Project Browser

Community idea: A search function is now available at the top of the Project Browser.

Schedule Revision Clouds

Community idea: Quickly manage your revision cloud parameter information using revision cloud schedules.

Link Coordination Models

Community idea: Visually cross-check between models of various disciplines and phases of a project. In 3D views, visually compare collaboration models created in Revit or other modeling tools for coordination purposes.

Snap Points for Coordination Models

Community idea: Use snap points to easily model in context, to measure between two references based on the coordination model points, or to better position the coordination model.

More Path Alignment Options

Choose how to align the bars in the set and also make the bars in the set be parallel to the planar face selected in the Align/Close constraint.

Bar Bending Details on Reinforcement Drawings

Community idea: Add bending details to your reinforcement drawings to create accurate bar bending and installation instructions.

Bar Bending Details in Schedules

Community idea: Create clear fabrication instructions by adding bar bending schedules which include shape bending details that accurately represent the geometry of the bars.

Custom Physical-Analytical Element Association

Create multiple associations between elements to better coordinate updates across the physical and analytical models.

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