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BIM 360 Design enables AEC teams to collaborate securely in real-time on Revit models. With simplified workflows and data centralized on the BIM 360 platform, teams can deliver projects faster, gain efficiencies, reduce errors and save money. Try it with your teams today, for free.
Confidently collaborate on Revit models across teams
Centralize project data in the cloud to reduce IT costs, manage user permissions, visualize model progress, extend access to non-Revit collaborators, and more. Connect teams to deliver building projects on time and on budget.
Read our eBooks – Why design collaboration matters
The four trends driving AEC collaboration
Want to maximize your investment in BIM? Understand these four trends affecting the AEC industry and how they might impact you.
How seamless design collaboration increases profit margins
Here are nine reasons why connecting your design teams can help you achieve more with your resources, talent and time, improving your profit margins.
A collaborative approach benefits any project delivery type
Learn how BIM 360 Design can connect teams and help them gain insights to deliver projects faster, no matter the project delivery model.
See what our customers are saying about BIM 360 Design
Don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our customers have said about the impact BIM 360 Design has had on project productivity. Like this one: ‘Collaboration in BIM 360 Design gave us a time saving of 20% and a cost reduction of 90%.’
Compare how you collaborate in Revit with BIM 360 Design
How are you collaborating in Revit today? If you’re paying for on-site servers, sending large PDFs via email, or hunting down revision clouds, there is a better way! BIM 360 Design is the only solution that offers multidiscipline worksharing and coordination capabilities on Revit models across one firm and between multiple firms. See for yourself by comparing multiple solutions.
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