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Dynamo Studio for Revit Fundamentals

This course aims to introduce users to the possibilities that visual programming can provide to BIM.

Dynamo extends the capabilities of Revit and presents a lot of brand new opportunities for Architects, Engineers and Construction professionals, from automation of repetitive tasks to generative design. This course will aim to solidify the fundamental knowledge of Dynamo. Topics include:

Data Types

  • Reading and writing data to and from Excel
  • List Management
  • Geometry for Computational Design (Points, Curves, Vectors, Planes etc)
  • The Dynamo and Revit connection

Course overview

Getting to know Dynamo

  • What is Dynamo
  • Hello Dynamo! User Interface Tour
  • The Basics of Placing and Connecting Nodes

Data in Dynamo

  • Understanding Data Types
  • Performing Math Functions
  • Lists of Numbers as Inputs
  • Creating and Manipulating Text Strings
  • Reading Data from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • The Basics of List Management
  • The Basics of Managing Nested Lists
  • Writing Data to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • The Basics of Sorting Data

Creating and Analysing Geometry

  • The Basics of Points
  • The Basics of Curves
  • Working with Vectors and Planes
  • Constructing Surfaces and Solids
  • Modification and Analysis of Solids
  • Investigating Curves and Surfaces

Using Dynamo with Revit

  • Retrieving Revit Geometry and Data
  • Linking and Working with an ACIS (SAT) file
  • Creating Revit Walls Using Dynamo
  • Placing Revit Families Using Dynamo
  • Setting Revit Parameters Using Dynamo
  • Creating Revit View & Sheets Using Dynamo


  • Advanced Revit skills and experience