Autodesk Inventor Fundamentals Training

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Inventor Fundamentals

This course covers core basic concepts required for working with Autodesk Inventor. The course framework is designed to develop the student’s skills from the ground up, ranging from creating and editing a model to creating a full assembly, output drawing, and bill of materials. As the goal of the course is to understanding fundamental modelling and concepts, every command or option is not covered.


We will use specially designed Training Course Exercise Manuals during class and you will be issued with a e-book license to go home with.


Following completion of the course, students will have the necessary knowledge and skill required to demonstrate competence in the following concepts:

  1. Navigating the Inventor interface
  2. Creating 2D sketches
  3. Constraining and dimensioning sketches
  4. Generating 3D parts from sketches
  5. Part modelling, adding, and editing 3D features
  6. Feature duplication techniques
  7. Model geometry and model display manipulation
  8. Establishing and working with model relationships
  9. Creating equations and working with parameters
  10. Creating parts and features in assemblies
  11. Placing and constraining parts in assemblies
  12. Assembly tools
  13. Assembly component display
  14. Customisation
  15. Working with projects
  16. Work features
  17. Model information
  18. Creating and annotating drawings and views
  19. Assembly bill of materials
  20. Presentation files (Exploded views)


  • A sound level of computer literacy
  • A thorough understanding of drafting or engineering principles
  • A knowledge of documentation requirements for the manufacturing industry
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