Proficiency: Noun. “A high degree of skill and expertise. Mastery of a specific behaviour or skill demonstrated by consistently superior performance, measured against established or popular standards.”


Ensuring that design and engineering professionals are well-trained in the use of relevant application software is, of course, important. However, ensuring that they are competent and proficient at using the software within their specific work environment is a higher level of requirement entirely.

At Modena, we have developed a range of advanced skills development modules that ensure that teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver the results that you expect in your specific workplace. In other words, a OneSolve Project Proficiency Programme™ is the critical bridge between fundamental classroom training and proficiency in contributing to real world projects.

A OneSolve Project Proficiency Programme™ is also the answer to enabling collaboration amongst multi-disciplinary professionals and departments – or even different organisations. This entails each discipline learning how to configure and use their specific design applications in such a way that their models can be meaningfully used by others without non-productive data re-entry and rework.

Modena OneSolve


A OneSolve Project Proficiency Programme™ is customised for each client to suit individual challenges and needs. The programme is delivered on site with Modena experts delivering short lectures, followed by setting practical exercises – then most importantly, spending time with individuals, helping them cope with, and excel, at real work scenarios and challenges. We have a wide range of standard modules available, but will gladly also develop customised modules to suit your particular needs.

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