Autodesk Moving to One Model

Moving from Maintenance to Subscription

We believe that subscribing is the best way for you, our customers, to get the greatest value from our tools and technologies – and will fundamentally change how we deliver extended capabilities and new functionalities through connected services.

This plan includes an attractive offer to switch to subscription, as well as changes to our maintenance plan policies and pricing.

  • Special offer to move to subscription

Customers with eligible products on maintenance can now easily switch to a subscription at time of renewal for a discounted price.
Customers can take advantage of this offer once per seat of a product on maintenance and can switch to a subscription of the same product or upgrade to an industry collection for the greatest value.

The price to switch to subscription will increase 5% in 2019 and another 5% in 2021, so the earlier customers switch to subscription, the less it will cost. Additionally, customers who switch will continue to renew with special discounted pricing. This price will be lower than maintenance plan renewal pricing in most cases and always far below the cost of purchasing a new subscription.

  • The Benefits Include

Broad access to the latest innovations in tools, technologies, and services to fit their needs – now and in the future.

Ability to better manage users and costs by providing access to the right products and updates when their team needs them.

Valuable Insights – Easy-to-use reporting tools to evaluate and analyse product usage, spending, productivity and future needs.

In Summary:

Increase in Switch option – 5%

Increase in maintenance renewals – 20%

As previously announced, beginning 7 May  2019, the price to move to subscription will increase by 5%, and maintenance plan prices will increase by 20%.

Now is the time for customers who are eligible to renew to make the switch to subscription. Customers with contracts expiring between now and 3 August 2019, can take advantage of this opportunity as long as they place their order before 7 May 2019.

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