Experience high performance computing together with dramatic cost savings as the unique OneSolve vCAD™ shared desktop solution brings virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to design and engineering.
The advanced skills development provided in the on-site OneSolve Project Proficiency Programmes™ forms the critical bridge between fundamental classroom training and proficiency in contributing to real world projects.
The OneSolve Vault Adoption Programme™ is a suite of customisation, skills development and adoption services that ensures the successful implementation and adoption of an Autodesk Vault-based solution.
Extend your Vault and BIM implementation to include Transmittals; Integration with Enterprise Technology; Real-time, Multi-site Collaboration; Automated PDF Creation; and Business Intelligence Dashboards.
OneServe™ priority technology support, provides single source responsibility for optimising, managing and supporting your entire design technology infrastructure – maximising your capacity and productivity.
Success is not determined by luck or chance – it is a choice! Learn how the promise of enabling technology can be guaranteed! Buy the book or get it free with our customised ‘Enabling Competitive Advantage’ workshop programme.
Besides People and Technology, effective Processes and Workflows are essential to the success of any business. Modena OneSolve offers consulting engagements to optimise collaboration and ensure BIM or PLM adoption.
Modena Design Centres Black Friday November 2020
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