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Product Design and Manufacturing Collection
Accelerate your product design and manufacturing processes

The Product Design & Manufacturing Collection is an integrated set of professional-grade CAD, CAM and CAE applications that connects everyone, from concept to production, with a shared set of tools to streamline your product development process.

Everything you need in one collection

Autodesk offers a solution that spans across design and manufacturing.  It includes the tools you need to design, simulate, analyze dimension tolerances, nesting, CAM, and factory layout.  All the data is stored and managed in a secure project.  This collection is available as a single affordable subscription called the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection.

With the collection, you get these top products + 6 collection-exclusive applications for advanced simulation, tolerance stackup analysis, CAM, and more.

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Add another dimension to your development process

As an engineer, you have choices (and likely strong preferences) for how you do your job. Whether you’ve been modelling in 2D for two months or 20 years, how you approach the task at hand impacts so many chances for enhanced product quality and performance, improved productivity, and increased innovation.

We’re here to say: parametric 3D CAD is the path to those opportunities.

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Why Engineers Design with Parametric 3D

From drafting board to computer-aided design, engineers have always sought ways to make things better. Today, they have more tools–and opportunities–to do so than ever. Product design possibilities aren’t only in what can be done, but in how to do it.

Create more than ever before
Create complete product designs

Quickly create product models, conceptualise production line layouts, and generate high-fidelity imagery and animation directly from 3D models.

Connect your work and your people

Connect 2D and 3D design tasks, control intellectual property in a single location, bring 2D and 3D data from multiple disciplines, Prepare BIM objects of your product models for delivery to your clients, and aggregate design data from multiple sources to perform reviews of large scale designs.

Explore every design opportunity

Generative design technology is available to any user of the collection, push the boundaries for better products, evaluate factory projects before you build and evaluate the cost of dimensional variation.

Automate routine tasks
Automate templates for parts, assemblies, and drawings to reduce errors, save time, and make it easy to follow company standards.

Speed up downstream processes by automating routine tasks involved in simulation setup in Inventor Nastran and toolpath strategies in Inventor CAM.

Watch the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection in Action

Quickly generate multiple solutions with the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection.


Merge the gap between mechanical and electrical design with the Production Design and Manufacturing Collection.


Supplement 2D design with the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection and create 3D factory layouts.

On-demand webinars

Discover new tips and trends and information on how to use your Product Design and Manufacturing collection or individual product.

See how people are using the collection
FrumeCar Image PDMC Landing Page
Digitizalization offers a stronger future for customers

The use of Autodesk software, allowed Frumecar to move from 2D design with AutoCAD to 3D using Inventor, which was a spectacular qualitative leap that made it possible to start manufacturing virtually with Fusion 360.


Image courtesy of Fumecar
Bolt Engineer PDMC Landing page
Servicing a range of South African clients across various industries

By offering a single software solution that handles the entire process from design to manufacture, Bolt Engineering was able to further improve project efficiencies and lead times. Moreover, the cloud-based Fusion 360 completely reshaped the workflow capabilities of its engineers.

Image courtesy of Bolt Engineering
Can I switch to a collection?
Yes. Annual or multi-year subscribers to most individual products or suites can switch to a collection.
Can teams use a collection?
Yes. You can get multi-user access to a collection deployed through a network license.

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