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Twinmotion Training

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Twinmotion Training

Twinmotion is the essential tool for all those who wish to present their urban design or landscaping project in a realistic and life-like environment.
The result of a dream shared by its authors and more than a hundred architectural firms in the world, Twinmotion is a visualization and 3D immersion software dedicat-ed to architecture, urban planning and landscaping. Its extraordinary responsive-ness allows integration of the project into a dynamic ecosystem and new fields of experimentation and assistance in designing, sharing and communicating any project. In addition, in a few seconds, you can export images and videos of remark-able quality; several hours are needed with conventional software. If you are equipped with a 3D screen, enjoy a stunning 3D realistic experience by dipping into your project in stereo. Its ability to import 3D models from all contemporary model-ers and the originality of its technical and visual performance puts Twinmotion at the forefront of future generations of 3D simulators.

Everything is instantaneous in the 3D environment you choose, regardless of the type of project. Twinmotion is the perfect interactive tool to explore and share the environment, the atmosphere, the spaces of the site … to plan and decide, persuade and pre-sell, but also to make strategic choices upstream for the effective implementation of your project.

Modules Covered

  • Interface and settings;
  • Workflow, from import to export;
  • Importing correctly and working at the right scale;
  • Usage of the library;
  • Applying and editing materials;
  • Editing the terrain;
  • Painting landscapes and vegetation;
  • Adjusting time and season;
  • Setting the environment, like the sun, particles and more;
  • Adding vehicles, people and animals to bring your scene to live;


Who Should Attend

  • This course is designed for anyone passionate about visualisation, presentation, rendering and/or immersive architecture.


  • Students should be comfortable with the fundamentals of the Autodesk Revit software, or similar 3D modeling software.
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