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Recruitment - Terms and Conditions

1. Modena Recruitment will not, directly or indirectly, charge any fees to candidates.
2. Modena Recruitment will not, directly or indirectly, approach a candidate and/or employee currently in a position placed by us with the intention of securing them alternate employment, unless the candidate has expressly indicated, of their own accord, that they are back in the market.
3. Modena Recruitment will not enter into any contracts or agreements containing any form of candidate liability clauses with candidates. Notwithstanding, Modena Recruitment may institute legal action against a candidate for damages for unlawful actions of the candidate.
4. Modena Recruitment will not share any candidate information with any third party without the express permission of the candidate unless required to do so by law.
5. Interviews will be conducted against inherent job requirements to ensure objectivity and avoid potential for unfair discrimination. Modena Recruitment will not discriminate unfairly against any candidate at any time in the recruitment process regardless of ethnic origin, colour, gender, age, religion, political opinion, nationality, social origin, sexual orientation, or any other distinguishing characteristics.
6. Any tests and verification checks including, but not limited to, skills, psychometric and medical, employment and reference, ID, criminal record, credit checks, will only be performed with the express permission of the applicant and in accordance with applicable legislation and accepted best practice.