Get ahead of the rest!

Do you want to do something smart during the school holidays? Get your advantage over the rest of the class and pave the way for a future career. The Modena school holiday program will empower you with real world skills. Take your first steps towards learning AutoCAD and Fusion 360. Contact us to find out more.

AutoCAD School holiday program

R1 500

Fusion School holiday program

R1 500

We are running school holiday programs aimed at EGD students from grade 10 to 12.

Children have an amazing capacity to learn, young minds are like sponges and with the breakneck speed of change in a technology driven environment, what better to do with fresh eager minds than to introduce them to the digital design world, to experience their own creativity, first hand, and of course they gain the benefit of learning new skills that will open future doors.

To this, Modena has started the holiday program, giving parents the opportunity to guide and encourage their children, giving their young minds the capacity to develop early skills and empowering them in the knowledge that that anything is possible.

Modena has been around for over 21 years and has a passion for education, growth, and development.

By starting them on the basics of CAD software will not only assist them in the final years of EGD at school but will also prepare them for a world of architecture and engineering – and what the real world is all about.

Lunch will be provided everyday as well 😊