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Water infrastructure faces increased global pressures

Safeguarding the Vaal River Ecosystem with Autodesk Innovyze

Johannesburg’s rapid population growth poses significant challenges to water management, particularly impacting the Vaal River system. As the population expands, so does the demand for clean water, exacerbating the existing pollution issues. InfoWorks ICM, developed by Autodesk Innovyze, becomes an indispensable tool in this context. It enables precise modelling of how increased water usage affects the river’s ecosystem, allowing for strategic planning to mitigate negative impacts. This foresight is crucial for preserving the delicate balance of the Vaal River’s environment, which is home to species like the small and large-mouth yellowfish, and for ensuring that Johannesburg’s growing population has access to safe, clean water.

More sustainable drainage outcomes

Engineering firms can confidently design and model drainage systems and simulate rainfall events to demonstrate compliance with green drainage, pollutant removal, and stormwater flow reduction requirements for any construction project. With intelligent data exchange between InfoDrainage Ultimate and Civil 3D, now is the best time to add InfoDrainage to any land development workflow for more sustainable drainage outcomes approved faster.

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Water asset lifecycle essentials

Hydraulic modeling

Simulations and data analysis forecast water system behavior, aiding design, optimisation, risk assessment, and compliance for effective network management.

Water asset management

Streamline inspection, assess risk, plan rehabilitation, and optimise maintenance for efficient water utility infrastructure management and sustainability.

Digital twins for water

Real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, operations optimisation, and compliance reporting, enhancing water utility management efficiency and effectiveness.

Let nature be your guide

Since the beginning of time, water has been flowing through nature moving between the land, rivers, and oceans recycling itself, and most importantly giving life to the earth. And although we see this natural water cycle still in existence today, it now has to adapt to the challenges of urban development and contrasting weather seasons disrupting its flow.
Along with these emerging challenges, drainage designers, engineers, planners, project managers, developers, and consultants are faced with the challenges of regulation, compliance, budget, timelines, design approval, and creating sustainable outcomes. Urban development might not be slowing down, but the way we design and build can hugely impact the amount of disruption occurring to our environment by using the example that nature has shown for centuries.
A greater focus on sustainability from towns and cities of all sizes means drainage designs need to offer biodiversity, amenity, water quantity, and water quality improvements and ensure confidence that these systems will perform during extreme weather events. This requires creative designs that include a variation of green infrastructure. These natural details could save a town from flooding, a wastewater pipe from spilling over, or pollutants from running into a nearby river.

What is InfoDrainage?

InfoDrainage is an easy-to-use, full design and analysis solution which delivers complaint, sustainable and cost-effective designs. Save time on sustainable design and obtain faster approvals by optimising your submissions using streamlined design reviews.

Benefits of InfoDrainage

Easy to use

Use a single, automated platform for any project, with intuitive controls and clear visualization.

Optimised design

Deliver compliant, sustainable, optimally sized, cost-effective designs—on time and within budget.

Quicker approvals

Streamline approval processes with clear, defendable, and reviewable drainage designs.